Marjal cuisine menus. Thursday night until Sunday lunch time. Designed from dishes that are made with traditionally products traditionally that they came from this habitat. In them, are present many of the more established courses (l’ espardenyà, l’ allipebre, shrimp with spinach, duck and other type of birds, elver, eel, mullet roe …) as well as the protagonist, the rice.

KiKo Port

C/ del Pomer, s/n, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 61 52


Bread Service
Lisa salad marinated
Gambita and chard pasties

Main courses

Cauldron duck rice and pumpkin


Chocolate and lemon cake


Water, wine from DO Valencia – Fontanars dels Alforins – (White Daniel Belda Verdil and Cabernet Sauvignon Tinto Daniel Belda) and coffee

PVP.- 35,00€

Restaurante Ca Fran

C/ de Calixt III, 4, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 54 63

Starters (to choose)

All i pebre of frog legs
Sweetness of “shrimp with onion”
Roe mullet (Depending on market )
Terrine of Shrimp with spinach

Main courses (to choose)

Paella of duck and eel
Salted Lisa
Marinated bird
Stew “Talpo” chef style (Depending on market)


Oliva cake

PVP.- 25,00€
With wine of Terres dels Alforins 30,00€

Iri el roig, Cris i Anna

C/ Botánico Cavanilles, 8, Oliva
Phone: 962 83 80 30

Principal (a elegir)

Corn cake with shrimp and spinach
“Lisa toast” with extra virgin olive oil and paprika
Wetting of tuna
All i pebre of eel


Oliva Cake

PVP.- 20,00€