Oliva Experience menus. Sunday lunchtime. The choicest menus of the Mostra and where restorers include seafood and from the land with greater recognition and prestige. They are presented with a proposal for wine pairing.

KiKo Port

C/ del Pomer, s/n, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 61 52

Bread Service


Salting Table
Salted red shrimp
Tartare bluefin tuna

Main courses

Octopus Putxero


Almond Cake


Glass of wine from DO Valencia, Fontanars dels Alforins (white Daniel Belda Verdil and red Cabernet Sauvignon Daniel Belda) water, and coffee.

PVP.- 45,00€

Restaurant El Lloc

C/ Alcalde Juan Sancho, 3, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 08 32


Textures with tomato and tuna roe and salted “little tunny”
Wafer with spinach and shrimp mousse
Wine: cava Idilicum brut (macabeo)


Grilled octopus with potato coolant
Fideuà with alioli redshank
Enlivened with glass of white wine, Fondarium de la Marina (dry Muscat)

Main tapa

Pebrera farcida cannelloni (stuffed pepper cannelloni)
Bluefin tuna with teriyaki mayonnaise and vegetables
Enlivened with glass of white wine Improntum (nominated best white Sauvignon of Spain 2015)


Coulant pumpkin with homemade vanilla ice cream
Enlivened with glass of white wine (El novio perfecto) (50% viura and 50% muscatel)

0.50L water bottle per person. Coffee or infusion
* Solo con reservas del 22 al 25 de septiembre

PVP.- 45,00€

La Goleta

C/ de la Mar Mediterrània, 7, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 63 26


Shrimp scampi carpaccio
Rucula salad with tuna and grilled red pepper
Fried squid with flour

Main courses

Fish sauce (monkfish, hake, and tuna. Squid, mussel and red shrimp)


Cold caramelized orange cream

PVP.- 25,00€ (wine not included)

Hotel Restaurant Font Salada

Camí Sant Pere, Oliva
Phone: 962 13 17 42


Red shrimp
Tartare with advocat, crayfish and lime
Boiled tuna

Main courses (to choose)

Rice with octopus
Rice with duck and chickpeas

Dessert (to choose)

Melon with tangerine sorbet and fruit
Pumpkin pie and chocolate


White wine Celler del Roure Cullerot (DO Valencia)
Red wine Rafael Cambra Dos (DO Valencia)
Cava Brut Idilicum (DO Valencia)


Water, soft drinks, wine, beer, coffee and tea.

PVP.- 42,00€

Restaurant Aura

Centro comercial Oliva Nova. s/n
Phone: 96 110 49 49


Tomatoes stuffed with salted season
Grilled peppers on crispy corn cake

Main courses

Sticky rice with duck and foie


Orange and orange blossom textures


White Fondarium (Muscat of Alexandria) from DO Alicante
Pink Finca Collado (Merlot) from DO Alicante
Angosto Tinto (Garnacha Tintorera, Syrah and Cabernet Franc)from Valencia
Mistela from Valencia

PVP.- 40,00€