Traditional menus from Oliva. Thursday night until Sunday at midday. These populars, and Valencian menus, with an adjusted price (15-25 euros), are a tribute to the more our dishes. Many of the restaurants have chosen to give prominence to the ‘ farcida pebrera ‘ (pepper stuffed with rice and Mediterranean Bluefin tuna) in traditional or contemporary version. Others have chosen to include tomato corn cake, fattening, wettings, figatells, …

Restaurant Tango 01

Avinguda de Picasso, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 73 96


Bread service
Figatell toast with mustard
Grandma Espencat
Unstructured pebrera farcida
Mystical salad (tender sprouts, marinated exotic fruits, cheeses and mint sorbet)

Main courses



Orange dessert
Monastrell wine glass, cabernet or dels Alforins Fontanars verdil.

* Only with reserves from 22th to 25th of September

PVP.- 18.50€

KiKo Port

C/ del Pomer, s/n, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 61 52


Breads service
Espencat and codfish
Corn cake with anchovy
Figatell with onions and mustard

Main courses

Pebreres farcides d’Oliva (peppers stuffed with rice and salted tuna cooked in the oven)


Pumpkin pie and chocolate

PVP.- 25,00€

(not drink included)

Restaurant el Leñador

Compte d’Oliva, 21, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 13 52


Espencat with Salted
Shrimp cake with spinach
Figatell of ventresca

Main courses (to choose)

Pebreres farcides (stuffed peppers)
Grilled Fish


Homemade dessert

PVP.- 18,00€


Centro comercial Oliva Nova. s/n
Phone: 96 110 49 49


Salad La Marina region of tomato and tuna
Crispy corn cake with duck and mushrooms

Main courses

Chickpeas with squid and prawns


Valencian cream

Wine cellar

White Rebel.lia (Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay) from Utiel -Requena
Rosé Finca Collado (Merlot) from DO Alicante
White Angosto (Sauvignon blanc, Verdejo, Moscatel and Chardonnay) from DO València
Mistela from Valencia

PVP.- 35,00€

Restaurant El Pelut

C/ Sagrada Família, 9, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 17 01


Bread with tomato and alioli
Corn cake
Fried fish
Chapel salad
Little bread with figatell

Main courses (to choose)

Pebrera farcida (for lunch)
Eels with garlic and pepper
Sirloin with mushroom sauce
Barbecued ribs.
Codfish with alioli.
Monkfish in seafood sauce.


Homemade dessert

PVP.- 16,00€

Ca Fran

C/ Calixt III, 4, Oliva
Phone: 962 85 54 63

Traditional bread with tomato and alioli.


2 Corn cakes “pasta bona”, two flavors
Tuna Salad, espencat, mojama, tomato, olives xacades and Piparra

Main course (to choose)

Abanda rice or sticky rice chard, chickpeas and sepionet
Fresh fish
Fresh meat


Fruit salad with cream.

PVP.- 16.50€ without wine
PVP.- 22€ with wine from “Terres dels Alforins”
PVP.- 20 € without wine
PVP.- 26€ with wine from “Terres dels Alforins”