Visit one of the restaurants from Thursday 22 night until Sunday 25 afternoon, they will offer different themed menus specially designed for the Gastronomy Mostra. In these menus you can find traditional dishes from Oliva faithful to its original recipe with more innovative versions.


Check here the list of restaurants where you will find all menus.


For this edition of the Mostra, Oliva’s restaurants have prepared different menus. There are options for all tastes and all pockets. Not all are in all restaurants, so we recommend you check the list and the days that are available. You’ll find it at the end of this booklet.

* Traditional Menu Oliva Gastronomy. Thursday night until Sunday at midday. This popular and Valencian menu with a set price (15-25 euros) is a tribute to our dishes more. Many of the restaurants have chosen to give prominence to the ‘ pebrera farcida’ (pepper stuffed with rice and Mediterranean Bluefin tuna) in traditional or contemporary version. Others have chosen to include tomato coques, fattening, wettings, figatells, etc. You’ll find each day of the Festival.
** Menu Marjal kitchen. Thursday night until Sunday at midday. A menu designed from dishes that are made with products that traditionally came from this habitat of freshwater or brackish water, marsh, and the relationship of its inhabitants with their environment. In it, are present many of the more established courses ( l’ espardenyà , l’ allipebre , Shrimp with spinach, duck and other game birds , lever , eel, mullet roe … ) as well as the protagonist , rice.
Menu Oliva *** Experience. Sunday lunchtime. It is the most select menu Mostra and the restorers include seafood and land with greater recognition and prestige in the market. Salted fish , red shrimp , Bluefin tuna , roe squid , octopus , bacalao, the best fish , eels , meat ( such as quail or duck ) , exceptional rice ( Galley or crab ) are some of the products that the menus are present. They are presented with a proposal for wine pairing, which includes our great guests of this year, the wines of the Alforins (Fontanars, Moixent and Font de la Figuera)