A “mostra” full of experiences!
Just Designed for you!


From 22 to 25 September in Oliva many things at once there will be cooked. In the age of gastronomy, we prepare many experiences that you cannot miss. The Gastronomy Mostra Oliva City involve the citizens and visitors to spread the kitchen of one of the Valencian capital of gastronomy, with a deep culinary knowledge, which include dishes with traditional products of coastline and marshland: the ‘pebrera farcida’ (stuffed pepper), rice, ‘coques’ figatells, Shrimp with spinach, allipebre, red shrimp, red tuna…


We have also asked to chef of the Safor, Manuel Alonso (Michelin star), which on Thursday he will make open the Mostra, and we have made one request: an innovative version of the pebrera farcida(stuffed pepper), because the traditional we can do. We are not afraid to creativity or innovation, but we also want to preserve the origins, so the cook Evaristo Miralles, who is champion Spain Bocouse d’Or 2011, will discuss the relationship Oliva with one of its most precious environments, the marsh, through gastronomy and develop some of the highlights of this medium to the public dishes.

To ensure generational transmission, Saturday older and younger will collaborate in this competition ‘pebreres farcides’. Previously, they will visit the Municipal Market to learn more about local products and seasons.

This year, we will have as special guests, the Valencian wines, from the area of Terres dels Alforins (Vall d’Albaida). They will be present on Saturday afternoon and evening in the Popular Macrotast food festival where you can try, drink in hand, some of the most recognized internationally with tastings of wines and cuisine from Oliva: pebreres farcides (peppers stuffed at Mosset), figatells,artisan sausages, coques … It will be an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

Also, a selection of our best restaurants starred these gastronomic days. They offer three kinds of themed menus: the traditional kitchen, cooking marshland and select ‘Oliva Experience’. It will be impossible to cover a dozen restaurants in town that are involved in this event, but at least you have to visit one of them, because the Oliva’s Mediterranean cuisine will be there.